Here is where I publish leaflets. The idea is to print them out and shove them in polluter’s letterboxes. If you walk around Kapiti or cycle then print out a few and use them as you need them. Let’s let them know that people do care and it might make them think twice before they go off and pollute again. (Okay let’s not pretend dickhead polluters are actually going to take any notice or give a hoot about anyone else, but at least they get to know that other people are watching them.)

They are A5 pdf files. Click on them and print them out.

Use this one for people who are using wood burners: HouseholdPollution

Use this one for people burning off: BurningOff

To declare your house smoke free: Declaration of Smoke Free Home

Remember if you use one then you should still complain through other normal channels if that’s what you want to do. Let me know if you use them, and add them to the Shame File.


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