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Remember that there are leaflets you can print out to stick in polluter’s letter boxes. If you are sick of pollution it is really frustrating when you find out there is hardly any legal recourse. Complaining either to the Kapiti Coast District Council or the Greater Wellington Regional Council gets you nowhere. The only thing you can do is move house at great expense. Yet wood smoke is toxic. It is composed of nasty nanoparticles that will get inside your lung tissue. The law is a real ass and does nothing to protect us. A few leaflets and begging to people’s better side (and there are a lot of assholes who don’t have a better side) is about all we have. Wood smoke exists in our community because of history, and a whole lot of ignorance of the chemistry and epidemiology of wood smoke and the diseases it causes. Horse manure was a problem for cities until the arrival of the bicycle and the motor car. Wood smoke is still the horse shit that won’t go away, but it is now completely unnecessary too. Technology like heat pumps and gas heaters make wood burners obsolete. You wouldn’t dream of putting a trailer load of manure in your neighbour’s lounge room, but they think nothing of doing that to you.

Let’s clean the air of Kapiti.



  1. Keep up the GREAT WORK in your fight for your rights to breathe clean air, unpolluted by Woodsmoke.

    I am founder of the Air Is Precious Coalition, up in Canada. A little city called Cornwall, Onatario.

    We have no help here either. I am fighting for the rights to breathe healthy air—woodsmoke free.

    One day I hope we can live in a better world free of some of this toxic form of pollution.
    That will only happen as long as well continue to fight for our rights to breathe healhty air.

    Thinking of you.

    LInda Baker Beaudin
    Founder, Air is Precious
    975 Brookdale Avenue
    P.O. Box 22049
    Cornwall, Ontario
    K6J 4P5

  2. I was pleased to see your site. Why do we allow legalised mass murder by such companies? Hitler took 6 years to murder 6 million people; tobacco companies achieve this figure every 3 years, worldwide.

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