Update: May 2011

I tried to live in two places in Kapiti. One was suburban in Raumati South but the wood smoke was too intense and I couldn’t hack it, so I moved to Te Horo to escape the suburban woodburners but the constant rural burnoffs by my dickhead neighbours both close and further afield, made that untenable. So Kapiti (part of the Nature Coast – phooey!) was too polluted for me and I moved away. The KCDC and GWRC were absolutely hopeless, and were of no help whatsoever. The staff of both were useless and seem to think people should have to live with pollution inside their houses and in their gardens. Morons.

So as far as my original aims, shown below go I completely failed. I live in hope that smart people will some day be able to fix up the mess. But the smart people don’t live in Kapiti.

The Clean Air Society of the Kapiti Coast is a blog designed to make the perpetrators and victims of wood smoke pollution understand the problem that is woodsmoke. Our stated political aim is to ban all wood smoke from domestic, industrial and farm sources within the whole of Kapiti.

Email us at:  cleanairaotearoa@xtra.co.nz


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