Posted by: Matthew | July 6, 2013

Kamloops Physicians for a Healthy Environment

Kamloops is a city in British Columbia, Canada that suffers from shit house air quality from two sources – a pulp mill and domestic wood burning.

You should see what the local doctors think about woodsmoke pollution. Their page on the health consequences of wood smoke should be essential reading for any dickhead who thinks it is okay to burn wood.


And the shareholders of this pulpmill should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives. How dare anyone do that to a community. That is murder.

Interestingly the City of Kamloops has banned all outdoor wood burners because they are seen as too polluting. (They are of course and should be banned everywhere) and yet they let a pulp mill burn waste like that. All the while saying there isn’t a problem with woodsmoke because it falls under the limits when averaged over a year. (Source) which just goes to show that averaging is a handy way to hide peak events and that the limits are set way, way too high. That document from the City of Kamloops also says that although the perception of the smoke is that it is industrial in origin, most pollution is vehicle emissions and point source burning of wood. They’re probably wrong about the vehicle emissions, because although they are a source, it is dwarfed in magnitude by the smoke of woodburners.

Visit Kamloops and the rest of the Okanagan Valley? No thanks, it looks too polluted.


  1. Where exactly is wood smoke mentioned in this??

    Vicki Morell Vancouver BC, Canada 604-322-6744

    Burning is an option… breathing is not! “A breath of fresh air – for all generations”

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