Posted by: Matthew | October 30, 2012

More posts you may have missed on Clean Air NZ

Here’s some recent posts from my Clean Air New Zealand site:

South Waikato know they have to change, but are getting it all wrong

Why the PM10 standards need tightening

Richmond, Tasman is polluted

Masterton is polluted

And of course it’s worth taking in a wider perspective:

From the Dom Post is an opinion piece from Philip Pattemore, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, at Otago University, Christchurch, Addiction to tobacco tax erodes smokefree policies

“Effects on children include loss of life in the womb or through cot death, premature birth, lung disease, infections in the ears, nose, throat and lungs, increased rates and severity of asthma, and many other effects on health and learning. My workload as a respiratory paediatrician could be cut by up to 30 per cent if no child was exposed to tobacco smoke.”

I should ask him if he could cut his work hours even more if children weren’t exposed to woodsmoke.

and remember:

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