Posted by: Matthew | July 9, 2012

1.5 million people per year die of woodsmoke deaths


It’s mostly in the developing world, and mostly caused by cooking fires, and is a burden borne largely by women who do the cooking. The reality is that particulates from wood smoke are particularly deadly. It’s not something that you want to be chronically or acutely exposed to.



  1. Alarming. Really. Lets offset that by killing 1.5 environmental statisticians that think their alarmist science is actually convincing to anyone not collecting carbon credits off the Alliance for Clean Heat’s portable cookstoves. The WHO were convinced by Swine flu too and that ended up to be a con that still magically gave them international superpowers. And the US federal EPA celebrate their continuing CAA regulatory justifications. Yippee for them and another sad juncture for science.

    • Fail high school science hey? Trying to blame your failure on someone else?

  2. Women in Third World countries develop smoke-related diseases from their cooking fires but families in the developed world are also at risk if they have any kind of wood burning appliance in their home. This was noted 350 years ago and confirmed by moderns tests. Traces of carcinogens, fine particulates and free radicals are found and only traces of these dangerous entities are needed to have an impact on a family’s health.
    Alberta Director Canadian Clean Air Alliance

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