Posted by: Matthew | June 14, 2012

Diesel particulates like wood smoke are carcinogenic

From Australia’s ABC News WHO confirms diesel fumes carcinogenic.

Or how about living near a coal powered powerstation?

And here’s a graph of sources of soot in our environment. Makes those signs saying “Macrocarpa firewood” seem like a crime against humanity doesn’t it? In my opinion everything pellet stove or filthier should be controlled. There’s no justification for a pellet stove. A pellet stove located close to your home can be too filthy, especially if it burns 24/7 all year to supply someone with hot water, especially when there are solar and gas and electric hot water systems available.

Just as a car without a catalytic converter shouldn’t be allowed on the road.

Diesel trucks and buses should be running on battery or compressed natural gas.

Rural burnoffs if shown on the graph would be completely off the scale.

We definitely need laws that reflect the reality of the situation shown in the graph.



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