Posted by: Matthew | April 22, 2012

Extra Channels New Zealand

Dear subscribers,

I’ve got a new blog called Extra Channels New Zealand and on it is my first post – Why New Zealand should fund SBS the Australian public broadcaster. The blog will be about receiving TV channels that aren’t Freeview or Sky, mainly through satellite TV, but also internet TV, because life is too short to watch Shortland Street.

As for the Clean Air blog – I’ve been pretty quiet. It’s not defunct, but I find updating it pretty heartbreaking. All around me I see the problems haven’t been fixed, nor even acknowledged. Tonight driving through the Horowhenua just before sunset it is pretty apparent that rural burning off is completely out of control. It looked like an atomic bomb had been dropped on Shannon. The whole east side of it was smothered by a huge fire’s smoke that had hit an inversion layer and spread out over many kilometres. It was just one of about 8 fires that I saw.

You have to be a moron to burn off, but apparently lots of people are. It’s pretty soul-destroying.

Clean air is a human right, so why are those morons allowed to deny me my human rights?

Cheers, Matty T


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