Posted by: Matthew | March 25, 2012

The Demise of Nick Smith, Minister for Air Pollution

Nick Smith fell on his sword and has been forced to resign as a minister.

That is fantastic news for New Zealand. Good riddance Doctor Smith.

Yet, he should still be sacked from parliament.

He should have been sacked earlier. He had to go for a bit of cronyism, helping his friend outside of his remit as a minister on ministerial notepaper. Yet one does wonder why he wasn’t sacked for condemning hundreds of New Zealanders to an early grave for his actions as Environment Minister by failing to act on air pollution and extending the deadline for compliance to our lax standards. Of course whilst not doing anything at all to improve the environment the National Party say that they are – The Blue Greens are a Waste of Space.

Prime Minister John Key I call on you to sack Nick Smith from parliament. And how come the National Party doesn’t give a damn about the health of New Zealanders and think that chronically polluted air is fit to breathe?

The Dominion Post’s columnist, National Party Minister for Sycophancy, Sean Plunket, wrote a story called the Irony of Nick Smith’s Demise which I bothered to write a comment on. The Dominion Post didn’t publish my comment as it didn’t quite match the National Party line (by the way Dom Post – your new part owner Gina Rienhart, only paid 12% tax on her income in Australia last year, why is that?). So here is my comment in full:

This is the most astounding sentence in what was a very poor and biased article, “In losing Dr Smith from Cabinet, National also limit its ability to develop the idea of a blue-green political axis where middle-class, liberal and environmentally aware voters could feel comfortable about voting for the party.” Just how gullible are you Sean Plunket?

The National’s Blue-Greens idea is about hoodwinking anyone about their environment policies. It is an effort in doublespeak. I read their Blue-Green policy document and was angry and sick to the stomach. They say one thing and do another. The Blue-Greens policy document was the reason I will never, ever vote for the Nationals.

Their first statement is about how clean air is very important. That’s the say something. And now here is the do nothing:

I read their policy document the same week as environment minister Nick Smith pushed out the date when clean air compliance was going to be enforced from 2013 to 2016 (where they’d push it out again if they’re still in power), so the problem won’t even be begun to be fixed. Hundreds of New Zealanders will die each year unnecessarily because of toxic particulates. (They kill 1100 per year) These are hundreds of dead Kiwis directly because of the actual policies of the National Party.

The reality is that if you are environmentally aware (and National know that so few people really are) you wouldn’t vote for National.

And now Dr Nick Smith is going to spend the winter in Nelson. I hope he goes outside and takes a deep breath each evening. Now there’s your real problem. Nelson, like many NZ towns and cities is chronically polluted by woodsmoke and he did nothing about it. As a National he was incapable of doing anything about it.

That’s the crux of it, nothing will ever get better whilst National are in power. They are a roadblock on the way to progressing as a society. At least one roadblock has been got out of the way.

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