Posted by: Matthew | January 19, 2012

Auckland proposing to do too little

Auckland is polluted. 700 people die prematurely in Auckland each year due to woodsmoke.

Now Auckland is proposing to ban open fires and “old woodburners”.

It hasn’t worked in Christchurch. And it won’t work in Auckland, because replacing old stinkers with new stinkers is not the answer.

Auckland like the rest of the country needs to ban all burning wood. 100% prohibition is the only fair and equitable solution.

Wood is a dirty fuel. It is impossible to burn wood cleanly. If you are using a dirty fuel source you need to replace it with a clean source. Auckland may think they are addressing the problem, but they are making the fundamental mistake of believing the bullshit that the manufacturers claim about their products. The manufacturers deliberately misrepresent how dirty their products are. When used in the real world they do not burn as cleanly as they say. (And even if they did burn as clean as they claimed, they would still be too dirty to use. The emissions of any heater used in a neighbourhood where people live should be zero)

Ban all wood burners.


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