Posted by: Matthew | November 24, 2011

Green Ribbon Award for Kapiti Council makes me sick

The Kapiti Coast District Council boasts of winning a Green Ribbon Award for “the outstanding contributions of individuals, organisations, businesses and communities to protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s environment.”

It actually makes me sick that this kind of greenwash bullshit propaganda is given out to the KCDC. Never before has an organisation been so undeserving.

This is the same Kapiti Coast District Council that did absolutely nothing for me both times when I tried to live in Kapiti.

I couldn’t live in Raumati South because of the air pollution caused by wood burners. The KCDC has done nothing about the problem. Despite the regional council finding that Raumati South is polluted.

And this is the Kapiti Coast District Council that did nothing about the burnoff smoke problem that drove me from my house in rural Te Horo. In fact they were worse than useless. Simon Amos and the other Rural Fire Officers of the Compliance and Monitoring Branch were obstinate, unhelpful and they did an absolutely terrible job. They should have been sacked for their shithouse attitude where they were perfectly happy for me to endure smoke in my house, and where they did not act on any of my complaints, and they did not act on all the breaches to the permits that should never have been issued in the first place, that I pointed out:

  • Burning plastic (oh yeah I have photos)
  • Burning after dark. (yeah I have photos)
  • Burning too close to my house.
  • Bringing in stuff by the trailer load to burn (I have photos)
  • Not attending the fire as it was burning. (I have photos)
  • Causing smoke nuisance and odour nuisance beyond the property boundary.

That is the type of shit that was done to me by the Kapiti Coast District Council in cahoots with what must have been the biggest fuckwit of a neighbour I have ever had to endure.

The Kapiti Coast District Council failed me completely. Giving them a “Green Ribbon Award” is a kick in the guts, and makes me feel sick.

You still owe me a huge apology KCDC. Jenny Rowan you still owe me a huge apology for that to happen on your watch as mayor.

The Kapiti Coast was not a nice place to live.




  1. Sounds like the KCDC should ban all burning off, and have a fair crack at banning those evil smelly wood burners.

    Such injustice.

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