Posted by: Matthew | November 1, 2011

The NZHHA continue their industrial bastardry

It’s been a month since the NZHHA were found to be lying on their website and their bullshit claims with their 10 reasons why Wood is Good. They’ve had a month to change it. They haven’t changed it. That is just sheer bloody arrogance.

It too is industrial bastardry.

How come the corporate interests of the NZHHA matter more than the health and comfort of New Zealanders?

To the NZHHA and to the members of the NZHHA – you are a bunch of selfish bastards out to misrepresent and to lie to New Zealand consumers to further the sales of your shithouse, unfit for any purpose products, that have no business being sold, and that should be immediately recalled, with the money refunded to everyone who has bought one, and an apology given to all New Zealanders for the degradation of the environment caused by the pollution that your products cause.

Burning wood is not good and you shouldn’t lie to us and tell us otherwise.



  1. [URL removed]

    Clean Air organisations everywhere have exagerated and misrepresented epidemiology reports around wood smoke (and specifically wood smoke) to suit commercialised energy policies since the Harvard Six Cities study was done. PM contains multiple elements (not only wood smoke) and it is only PM that is reported on. There are only inconclusive epidemiological studies and not enough conclusive, directly linked toxicology data that might constitute an outright ban. The policies have already been too specific too soon, damaging honest people and honest businesses. It is the industrial sources where formaldahide and arsenic are involved that should be hassled. It is industrial pollution that accounts for your existence at all. You seem to think its the self sufficient wood heater user who’s the bad guy. Perhaps lobbying for more education from the NZHAA on what not to burn, how to use their appliances correctly and to encourage technology that aims at complete combustion. That would be more appropriate. You are simply not going to win the argument that wood heating should be banned. Severe concentrations of wood smoke have only ever been linked by theory to more hospital visits, which in turn for the time of year being winter, where moisture and mould is more prevalent would also factor majorly. Electricity and Gas utility companies are happy to use health scaremongering academics to sell their products. Their happy to fund them – abusing with vested interest the responsibility of public health concerns such as affordable access to heating. Certain hard woods that are properly conditioned and new combustion technology produce clean energy in the location of the self sufficient user; no wires, no batteries and no toxic fuels. Your promotion of heatpumps ignores the industrial pollution caused in their manufacture and the additional fact that electricity prices will only increase, forfeiting on what people save statistically at the time of purchase. PM is a generalisation, smoke is also generalisation. Generalised data exclusively attributed to ‘wood smoke’ in your campaign propaganda.

    • You talk absolute bullshit smokeghost.
      The effects of woodsmoke are greatly under measured, under reported and under estimated. The effect of woodsmoke in New Zealand is that more than 1000 people die because of it. The reality is that it is a huge problem and nothing is being done about it. People are continuing to die and live with bad health incomes because of woodsmoke. The science and the studies are real. Stop denying them.

      You just want to keep polluting without anyone telling you to stop. Well bloody well stop. Your magic cowl product is rubbish. It is shit. It doesn’t magic away wood smoke.

      And the fact remains that everyone who doesn’t want to breathe wood smoke is being forced against their will to breathe woodsmoke. I, and other people, have been forced from our homes with no compensation because misrepresenting of the truth shits like you, and the bastards of the NZHHA and the AHHA think that woodsmoke pollution is all ok. You don’t get it, do you you Thicko? There is no safe, non-polluting way to burn wood. Not “properly-conditioned” hardwoods, not supposedly “clean” burning fires. It is all a big huge fricking lie. You cannot burn solid fuels cleanly. Incomplete combustion is always going to result, and that means soot and that means smoke and that means particulate pollution.

      Forcing me to breathe wood smoke is physical assault. I don’t like being assaulted. No one should be allowed to burn wood.

  2. “The effects of woodsmoke are greatly under measured, under reported and under estimated. The effect of woodsmoke in New Zealand is that more than 1000 people die because of it.”

    my point exactly.

    • Smokeghost I see your reading comprehension skills are as limited as your general comprehension skills.

      I am saying the opposite of you. You said I, and others like me, exaggerate. And I, whilst quoting the figures, think they’re on the conservative side, because not enough measurement is being done, and then, as I have said elsewhere, the methods of averaging over time, miss the peaks, and we’re all being subjected to more than the bureaucrats claim. Look at the Raumati South study. They finally got off their arse and listened to the locals complaints and did some measurements. They were over the air quality standards (that allow way too much pollution anyway) and the environment officer wrote that she was surprised, because she originally thought the few people burning in a reasonably large area would cause that much pollution. I say it only takes one person burning and the neighbourhood is stuffed, because there will be nights without wind blowing, or it is blowing right on someones house. Since it only takes one idiot to be burning to ruin it for everyone no one should burn. That’s why woodburners should be banned, and that is why burning wood should be criminalised.


    It’s not only me that’s saying it (regarding the link you’ll probably remove). Not that it’s my aim either to discredit the real science that is often exaggerated by marketers and non profits. My disagreement is not with those like yourself who suffer from the effects of smoke pollution. As I have discussed I’m only trying to eliminate it, odours and all. The instructions for correct appliance use should all be written in the manual. It shouldn’t take additional tax payer dollars to inform consumers how to use their household items responsibly. I am behind all constructive technologies to protect peoples rights to cheap energy, self sufficiency and protection from the cold during mains outages. The technology you promote does not. I’ve had my fair share of experience with it in a Perth winter and those Holeproof Explorer socks that you say keep your warm when you don’t need your heat pump switched on, are also (in my personal experience) pretty necessary for when it is too.

    • “As I have discussed I’m only trying to eliminate it, odours and all.” – except you don’t of course. Your magic cowl does not prevent odours and smoke. The only way to not have pollution come out of a wood burning stove is to not burn wood.

      You are aware the Washington Times is a bunch of conservative tosh, founded by the Unification church (ie Moonies) and they funded it until they quit doing so due to racist editorialising? It is a fringe newspaper for loonie pricks. All the bullshit links you put up are of dubious value. You read shit on the internet smokeghost, believe anything and have a very poor understanding of the world. You have no understanding of any science and your fringe views aren’t welcome here.

  4. Given our similar fields of interest I still can’t figure out why your’e so passionately against me. Yeah the time I spend researching the 30 – 50 articles I read a day regarding wood smoke regulations, clean technology, world energy policy and climate change, not excluding the bullshit spin organisations like yourself, give my opinions no credibility at all – due to a lack of science. If you think wood heating appliances should be banned then put up a convincing argument against them with scientific method and stop talking shit. You find the conclusive science behind the energy policy and media bullshit. You give councils and governments a reason to act on your hatred of wood smoke. If you are qualified to judge my opinions as shit and this magic carbon PM reducing cowl you speak of as ineffective, then you prove it, as the Clean Air Organisation you pretend to be.

    • You have no credibility on the subject Smokeghost, because you fail to acknowledge that wood smoke particulate pollution is poisonous at any level (or at any level that any woodburner can get down to, not that they do, because in the real world they are not used as in laboratory conditions) so you lose the science argument, and you want to force woodsmoke onto people who don’t want to breathe it, against their will, which means you have no morals, and have lost the moral argument.

      By the way don’t you fucking well swear at me on my own blog, you fuckwit’s turd.

      You can’t come onto my blog, ignore everything I’ve said, refuse to listen to anything and then tell me you’re right and I’m wrong. That puts you into complete fuckwit territory.

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