Posted by: Matthew | October 18, 2011

Hawkes Bay idiot mayors will get cleaner air despite being idiots

From the Dominion Post:  Hawke’s Bay Bans Open Fires. From it …

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has prohibited domestic open fires from January 1, despite the delayed implementation of national air quality standards, and against the wishes of local mayors.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule and Napier Mayor Barbara Arnott said they were surprised at the regional council deadline, given that the implementation date of the standards had been bumped back.

Shame on Horizons Regional Council for not having any plan, despite having polluted towns like Taihape, Taumaranui etc, but for sheer scale bare faced lies you can’t beat the Wellington Regional Council with this quote from the article:

A Greater Wellington regional Council spokesman said there were no rules governing discharges from domestic fires as air quality met the required standards apart from a few occasions in sheltered valley areas such as Masterton and Wainuiomata.

Well what a big fat liar the Wellington Regional council is. They don’t measure air quality enough and when they do it is more than just Masterton and Wainui (as if the people in those towns don’t matter at all). Remember Raumati South – it’s polluted too… and Tawa, and Karori and …

All this goes to show that getting cleaner air is an uphill battle against the forces of stupidity like Nick Smith, Lawrence Yule and Barbara Arnott and it’s a bit hit and miss with the regional councils if they employ smart or dumb people.

And this is only a first step to cleaner air. It’s not just domestic open fires that are the problem, it is rural burnoffs, which are a huge problem in Horizons and everywhere else, and it is domestic woodburners. Wood smoke is real, and little half measures are only the first step on the way to full prohibition.

Lastly Flaxmere resident Neralee Edlin says in the article: “We use it quite a lot, especially in the morning. Housing NZ told me to stop using it a while ago, but we need it to stay warm. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Well learn something about the effect you are having on your neighbourhood Neralee. You are poisioning all of your neighbours, and you are contributing to the death of the 1100 people who die in Aotearoa annually due to woodsmoke. So stop being so bloody selfish. Being poor is a very weak excuse. Real impoverishment is living in a polluted neighbourhood.



  1. Aren’t the restrictions a bit backwards? lol
    more than – less than?

    • When it comes to wood smoke, New Zealand is very backward.

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