Posted by: Matthew | October 6, 2011

The NZHHA is arrogantly ignoring the NZ Advertising Standards Authority

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority recently upheld a complaint that the NZHHA website was misleading the public with lies and misinformation in its list called 10 reasons why wood is good.

The ASA decision may make for cringeful reading (are they really that gullible that they bought some of the weak arguments of the NZHHA?) but it did uphold the complaint.

The NZHHA is arrogantly thumbing its nose at the public. It has been called on lying to the public, it has been found to be deliberately misleading the public. They’ve been asked to withdraw their false claims, and they haven’t. Why not? Why are they too arrogant to change their website’s misinformation? Why are they completely disrespecting the NZASA and the New Zealand public?

For what it is worthI think the NZHHA is a lying, propagandising organisation full of unrepentant bastards who will pollute the air that New Zealanders have to breathe and then they want to tell you how fantastic they think it is. They are a disgusting organisation hell bent on ruining the quality of life of everybody for reasons of lining their own pockets.

All of the NZHHAs members’ products should be recalled and their customers’ money refunded. All their members’ products have a fatal flaw in that they emit toxic exhausts at levels way above what they claim when used in the real world, and that toxic pollution at any level seriously endangers the health and wellbeing of the communities in which their members’ products are installed. It is scandalous that such rubbish products are still being sold and used.

Wood is good. But not when it is burnt.


The NZHHA has strong links to the AHHA and I’m still bitter about their unwanted interference in my affairs which resulted in the loss of my house in suburban Adelaide to wood smoke pollution. If they didn’t have false marketing  and propagandising that my neighbours believed, and if the Tea Tree Gully Council had have told them to butt out instead of inviting them in, then I might still have that house. But it was unfit for human habitation because of the excessive pollution I was forced to endure. I completely blame the AHHA for the loss of my house and turning me into an environmental refugee.

Woodburners have no place in either Australia or New Zealand. Organisations like the AHHA and the NZHHA should be forced to disband. Like woodsmoke they are an evil, sick presence in the community.

And as for the NZASA and its gullibilities then that is a post for another times.

The reality of burning wood in a suburban setting



  1. Jeez Matt. What did you do? Read some american text book once that included some cost benefit analysis health stats from their EPA/ sponsored lung association, and then began selling electric appliances through a smokescreen organisation like this one? You are all complaint and no realistic solution.

    • Smokeghost you are a thick bastard. All consipracy theories and you don’t understand science. I’m not selling anything. I am just sick of the industry lies and propaganda and the sheer bloody ignorance of the public. Woodsmoke is toxic and poisonous. Our neighbourhoods shouldn’t be full of poisonous toxins. I have a practical solution. It is the only solution that works. It is prohibition. Making excuses, and pretending that wood smoke in small amounts is ok (and then making products that don’t meet those promises) don’t make things better. Education programmes to teach the thick bastards to burn a little cleaner don’t work. Replacing old wood heaters with new wood heaters doesn’t work. Prohibition is the only things that will work. Don’t be so stupid to write what you wrote there. Of course I am complaining. It’s because there is a huge problem. I and many others have had to sell up and move away from places where they could otherwise live. New Zealand has 6 times the world average of childhood asthma. New Zealand towns and suburbs are polluted. What bit don’t you get? Woodburners stink. They need to be gone. Prohibition. 100% prohibition. Anything else is a pathetic compromise that won’t work.

      How are the magical cowl sales going? Made any false claims in your advertising smokeghost? People might complain.

  2. […] been a month since the NZHHA were found to be lying on their website and their bullshit claims with their 10 reasons why Wood is Good. They’ve had a month to […]

  3. Gosh your amazing while your banning wood burners perhaps you need to include the car you drive that printer by that pc your using, how about the dishwash liquid in your kitchen!!!!
    Even the plastic bags you put your rubbish in.
    Hohum god must like dum people he made so many including you…
    Try looking at the bigger issues past the ever important self interest.

    • – You ignorant fuckwit. DO you even understand the first bit about the diseases wood smoke causes, the number of deaths, or the amount of nuisance it causes? Just because you’re an ignorant fuckwit the rest of us should not needlessly suffer. Learn some science. Stop arguing from false analogy and come back when you’re not a fuckwit.

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