Posted by: Matthew | September 28, 2011

Why should anyone be forced to breathe smoke when they don’t want to?

Why should anyone be forced to breathe smoke when they don’t want to?

And in the light of that why is the permissable levels of woodsmoke pollution not zero?

I know there are natural sources of particulates in the atmosphere, salt laden winds for instance. I’m not arguing to change the physical world. But why is anyone allowed to burn at all, when really the question we should be asked is:

Why should anyone be forced to breathe smoke when they don’t want to?

I think it is a a huge moral injustice to burn wood anywhere where someone is going to be forced to breathe the smoke, however slight, and however incidental. The allowable smoke shouldn’t be 50ug/m3 of PM25 with one exceedence a year. It should be zero. It is a  physical assault on someone to force them to breathe smoke.

It is a moral argument on why no one should ever use a woodburner, and it is a moral argument on why woodheaters should not be allowed to be sold nor installed. What is the counter argument from the likes of the NZHHA? That I don’t have enough personal autonomy about my own body to make decisions for myself? Really what the NZHHA is saying to me is “Fuck You. Shut the Fuck Up. ”

How many people have to lose their homes because they won’t listen to us? Why should anyone be forced to breathe smoke when they don’t want to?

Woodburners are inherently evil. They should be banned.



  1. So what is the Clean Air Society of Kapiti Coast actually doing about it, apart from getting emotional? Woodburners are inherently evil??

    • Trying bit by bit to educate the morons out there who do not understand or do not care about the misery and heartache that the foul evil things that wood burners are do to their immediate environment and the unnecessary death and disease that they bring.

      People are losing their homes, their health and their lives to wood smoke. Wood smoke is toxic and it has no place in the places that we live.

      Those complicit, like you SmokeGhost, who prolong the agony, and pretend that it is all okay, have the blood of 1100 New Zealanders per year on their hands. You Sir, by being an ignorant fool are evil too. If that is an emotional response, I make no apologies. It is also a rational response to a real problem. Stop having your head in the sand. Take a sniff on a Nelson winter’s night. Who is making that better?

      I wish more people would get emotional. Then we’d might see some action. Everyone who I do see get emotional I see gets defeated. They get told to shut up. They move away from their homes, in tears. No one listens to them. No one helps them. The system is set up to protect the polluters, and not to help the victims. Of course we get fucking emotional.

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