Posted by: Matthew | September 28, 2011

Auckland is polluted.

At the Herald they’re saying Auckland air quality is the worst of any major city in Australasia.

From it:  “Dr Smith said his Government was serious about improving air quality, with a programme to convert 20,000 homes to clean heating, and tightening fuel and vehicle emission standards.”

Bullshit Dr. Smith.

May one remind him of his government’s literally stinking decision to postpone the dates that any stricter targets came in.

Once again I call on Dr Nick Smith, Minister on the Environment to resign. His government is not serious about improving air quality.He has completely failed. And in a New Zealand context Auckland isn’t much polluted compared to just about every other town. Timaru, Ashburton, Christchurch, Raumati, Masterton, South Dunedin, Arrowtown, Nelson, Taumaranui, Foxton, Tawa, and just about anywhere in NZ is polluted. National have done nothing. In fact they have done worse than nothing. They are only prolonging our misery.

It’s about time something real was done about air pollution in New Zealand. A real measure is a ban on the thing that is actually causing most of the pollution, and that is woodburners. Go on piss weak Dr Nick Smith, do something useful. Otherwise you’re just a waste of space.


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