Posted by: Matthew | September 18, 2011

Woodsmoke polluter ordered to pay $50,000 to victims.

Fantastic news – in Amherstberg, Ontario a court has awarded $50,000 in costs and put a perpetual no burn convenant on a property that was causing wood smoke nuisance. Read about it here.

I support the court in its decision. I think it is wonderful that a nuisance neighbour was controlled. Burning wood is an absolutely evil thing to do to your neighbours. It is a pity it took them 6 years to get the bastard to stop.

To think I wouldn’t have had to move out of my homes if I could have got my bastard neighbours to stop. Asking politely doesn’t work. Asking a local council to help on your behalf is a frustrating experience. The courts were no help to me as lawyers and judges are ignorant schmucks when it comes to understanding science. We need protection from nuisance wood smoke. All wood smoke is a nuisance. In Amherstberg, Ontario at least you can get some justice.

And it’s definitely another reason not to buy a woodburner – your neighbours can sue you. I encourage everyone to do so. We need to get the vile stinking woodburners out of neighbourhoods where people actually live. A ban is long overdue.




  1. “The courts were no help to me as lawyers and judges are ignorant schmucks when it comes to understanding science.”

    I doubt that very much, Matthew. They would base their decisions on evidence. Does your science, or is your science just dressed up in a fancy green suit then sold to the highest bidder on the carbon market? It might only be that pre-packaged indoctrinated piffle they teach kids these days instead of science.

    • Smokeghost – by putting that link in your comment it only proves that you are a kook and an an idiot. And your stupid ‘magic cowl’ product is unnecessary and doesn’t help with cleaning up our polluted towns and cities. That kind of partisan anti-Greenie propaganda is a load of horseshit.

  2. Couldn’t agree more.

    I’ve just been forced to sell my home I’d only lived in for one year, taking a big financial hit, to avoid ‘double whammy’ nuisance smoke from one moron of a neighbour. Not only 9 months a year of his foul daily woodburner smoke that even seeped indoors (despite my having some doors and windows taped up), making me ill – but also his year round disgusting outdoor driftwood fires. All happily sanctioned by KCDC.

    • J,
      I’m very sorry to hear that you had to sell your house and move away. It is a horrible situation to be put in, and I can offer you sympathy. Unfortunately I am not surprised. You are not unique. I am also not surprised by someone else finding the KCDC being totally ineffective, and I found too that the KCDC by its absence of care ends up actually encouraging polluters to force people from their homes. I would be happy to allow this space here to tell your story more fully. I would also like to tell my story fully about my experience, but the police have slapped a harassment order on me because I published pictures of my bully boy smoke polluting harasser. I was essentially bullied out of my home because I had the audacity to ask for him not to smoke me out, and he’s the one using guns, burning plastic, blocking my driveway with trees, harassing me with motorcycle noise and being a peeping tom into my windows, and I couldn’t get the police to put a harassment order on him. I’ve been muzzled by the law, which totally failed me when I tried to use the courts to get him to stop harassing me. Once again I am very sorry that someone else has had to move out of their home in Kapiti. I wonder what mayor Jenny thinks of this. She was awfully quiet about helping me. In fact she was completely ineffective. My troubles all happened under her mayoralty. Anyway J I hope your new home is cleaner and you never have to go through any of that again. I’d make the bastard who did that to you pay $50,000 and put a permanent no-burn covenant on them. A moron they are indeed.

  3. My neighbour burns their woodburner even when it is 18 degrees c outside which means we can’t open our windows and have to run fans all night to keep cool. They are either aliens or thick!

    • Your neighbours are thick. And selfish.

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