Posted by: Matthew | September 15, 2011

National betray us again

The Emission Trading Scheme rollout is to be postponed because National wants to help its rich mates.

With echoes of the delay in introducing cleaner air standards it should now be perfectly clear that the Environment Minister Nick Smith doesn’t give a shit about what gets pumped into the atmosphere.

Nick Smith is from Nelson. Nelson is polluted. Nelson had 51 exceedences of the maximum allowed over 24 hours in 2005 and 34 in 2009. Nelson is chronically polluted by woodsmoke. Nick Smith is letting down all of his constituents. Nick Smith is letting down every New Zealander.

Nick Smith is the minister of air pollution. Nick Smith is 6th on the National Party List. He is a member of cabinet. He just doesn’t give a damn about New Zealanders. National have betrayed us again.




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