Posted by: Matthew | June 2, 2011

Another Backwards Step

Bad news out of Wellington today – Failed Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast named as EPA chair.

from it:

“Their balance of economic and environmental skills reflected National’s Bluegreen approach of supporting growth and protecting the environment”, says Dr Nick Smith.

Wow – 180 degrees from reality that one.

What kind of protecting the environment allowed such a huge mushroom cloud of burn off smoke on the east side of Levin tonight that was blowing visible smoke to as far as Shannon? What kind of protecting the environment is allowing the towns and cities of New Zealand to continue to be polluted every winter by unnecessarily dirty domestic heating? What kind of protecting the environment allows 1100 New Zealanders to die due to wood smoke pollution every year?

As you get older you hope the world is just getting a little better. You hope there are less kids dying of malnutrition on the Indian subcontinent. You hope there is less child abuse in the Catholic Church. You hope for cleaner air. You hope for a smarter generation. You hope for less waste. And then there are just backward steps, like appointing a failed Wellington Mayor to a role she is not qualified to do. The role of chair of the EPA should go to a trained chemist or environmental scientist, not a midwife and failed local councillor.

The New Zealand National Party’s motto should be “Backwards, faster”. They can have that for free.

Toss the lot out in November. And Labour and Greens, promise us a different chair. Give us someone qualified.



  1. The EPA needs the female voice for good public relations. In America their EPA are getting the evangelist churches and women’s groups on board because they’ve got clean energy to sell to their children’s health and bright future. Sadly its the cold and energy poverty that will kill them faster than what particulates will. The polluting US Republican bad guys are attacking the Clean Air Act because instead of just offsetting carbon by hurting the home heating consumer, they actually seem to be regulating the industries that they were suppose to be regulating from the start. What’s clean energy? The stuff that’s labelled it like EnergyStar. Who get paid for promoting socialist energy-economic policies? Not for profit environment organisations do by way of funding. It’s a cycle where nothing changes and the oligarchs keep their power and cancerous economic hold over negative-sustainability and monopoly. Environmentally we need dynamic equilibrium. Can someone tell me how dynamic equilibrium can work in favour of economics? For you guys this is health. For me its about creating that health with as little consumer damage as possible. Big clean energy ideas need a carefully planned transition – not an aggressive carbon hungry market in a hurry.

    • You’ve lost me on this one, Smokeghost. What the hell are “socialist energy-economic policies”?

      Are you calling me a socialist for suggesting that real poverty is not being able to move away from polluted air? What the hell has that got to do with socialism? Saying no to wood smoke is just sticking up for myself and every other poor bastard who suffers wood smoke pollution. It’s common decency to not foul other peoples’ air. It’s not Left or Right, it’s just common sense.

  2. Sorry. I rant sometimes.

    Why do you only list Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Panasonic Heat Pumps under ETHICAL HOME HEATING PRODUCTS? Nice to mention the socks. Is Holeproof a sponsor?

    • Heat pumps are a 1,000,000% more ethical way of heating your house than a wood burner. More so in New Zealand where the electricity supply is upwards of 70% renewable depending on rainfall.

      Holeproof are not a sponsor, but their Explorer socks are often the difference between me needing to turn on my heatpump or not.

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