Posted by: Matthew | February 21, 2011

Careless and dangerous smoker blamed for Kapiti Island fire

Interesting to note that the fire on Kapiti Island (which is the island shown in the banner of this website) last Friday was caused by a discarded cigarette from a careless and selfish smoker. Here’s the story from the Kapiti Observer. Interesting to note that one commenter says the island should be smoke free. Seeing how the island is an off-shore refuge for bird life, and that bird life includes rare takahe and saddlebacks amongst others then I too second that call for Kapiti Island to go smoke free. It is too precious for some selfish litterbug to treat the island like dirt. Shame, shame, shame on that smoker (and every other smoker who discards cigarettes willy nilly.) Children in primary school might litter, but then they grow up. Smokers haven’t grown up. They are still so immature that they would litter without thought of the consequences, and if a large fire got away on the island then those consequences could be devastating.

Either all visitors are banned from the island or smoking is banned from the island. It is as simple as that. The birdlife needs protecting. The island’s forest needs protecting.  The “rights” of some selfish, shit-for-brains smoker to smoke and discard butts wherever they please should count for nought.

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