Posted by: Matthew | January 31, 2011

The “BlueGreens” are a complete waste of space

I think it is pretty safe to say that the National Party’s “BlueGreens” are a complete waste of space, with absolutely zero credibility. It must surely be double speak and greenwashing, and really political conservatives are sell outs on environmental issues, just like they’re sell outs on everything else.

If they weren’t a complete waste of space why couldn’t they stop Nick Smith condemning New Zealand towns and cities to ongoing pollution, with no end in sight? Read my post Piss weak Minister Nick Smith should resign.

Smith is quoted in the Press:

“Smith said the new policy reduced the health benefits slightly from $1.911 billion to $1.746b, but also significantly reduced the economic costs from $867 million to $196m.”

It would cost absolutely nothing to have a ban on new woodburner installations in our towns and cities. Why can’t we do that immediately? A ban on rural burning off would cost nothing as well.

The benefits of a complete ban on woodburners and burning off would outweigh the cost. And those costs aren’t borne by people willingly. People with wood burners get some benefits from burning off, but I, and many others, only pay the too high costs.

National are going on a road infrastructure spending binge, and the money has to come from somewhere.

But telling us we are too poor to actually breathe clean air, well that’s just the lowest form of scumbaggery, and pissweak policy by clueless people.

Get your priorities straight people. Clean air first. Unnecessary motorway infrastucture for your road construction mates afterwards. Whatever you lot do don’t dress it up as being “blue greens”. That level of double speak just makes me feel ill.

I can’t believe that the policy document says “1. Vision and Goals” and the first thing it lists is “clean air” and then you have an enviornment minister who goes and completely does the opposite. What’s the point of that document then? Is it written to bamboozle people and then you have evil plans you can get away with? Is it just a big fat lie? It sure seems that way.

What a complete hypocrite is Nick Smith. He should resign immediately. In fact the whole of the BlueGreens membership are complete hypocrites.

The National’s own policy document says of meeting the (altogether piss-weak in the first place) air pollution standards “This is clearly a standard that should be met, and met on time“, and then the minister makes the dates spill out into the distant future, so that nothing has to be done now.

So National have failed not only to do what I would want to hold them to, but they have failed even against their own criteria. That shows just how pathetic they really are. The “BlueGreens” and the National Party are a complete waste of space.



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