Posted by: Matthew | January 31, 2011

Piss weak Minister Nick Smith Should resign over delays in clean air enforcement

Well it has happened – the National Party Environment minister, Nick Smith, has completely dropped the ball. He is piss weak. New Zealand’s polluted cities and towns had a deadline to meet the piss weak pollution targets, and instead of making them he has left them off the hook. The Dom Post has the story Polluted cities given time to clean up. Piss Weak!!

Resign you shitty minister. Nick Smith you are completely incompetent and have condemned many New Zealanders to an early grave.

From the article:

Labour’s environment spokesman, Charles Chauvel, said delaying the deadline would mean 635 avoidable deaths, 505 unnecessary hospital admissions and more than a million extra sick days.

The delay would strain the public health system.

“It also means a big taxpayer subsidy to those businesses – we will all pay for the avoidable public hospital treatments for respiratory illnesses that this decision will cause,” Chauvel said.

However, Smith rejected Chauvel’s criticism.

Mr Chauvel is of course completely correct.

Resign Nick Smith – you are piss weak, and have just betrayed New Zealand.



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