Posted by: Matthew | January 28, 2011

Are the school kids going to be poisoned on Monday?

UPDATE: Apparently they’re back at school Feb 1, i.e,. Tuesday, not Monday. January apparently has 31 days.

This one is truly and maddeningly astounding. How can so much incompetence and stupidity be so endemic? Porirua City Council has completely messed up big time. How on Earth could it allow the developers of an Aotea subdivision to burn so much gorse? The GWRC did nothing when I complained of course. The GWRC is a waste of space, is completely ineffective and has failed us all big time.

The developers were burning off big time Thursday night, and this morning they’d polluted the whole of the Porirua Arm of Porirua Harbour and all of the land around Aotea Lagoon, the Police Academy and Aotea College. Here’s their effort at 9am, seen from back at Paremata. See the cloud of filth hanging over the harbour.

And here is their effort up close from the road in front of the college:

That pile is bigger than the size of their diggers. The smoke pollution was everywhere. I was quite a distance away, and supposedly upwind, and I was onto the asthma puffer and felt nauseous for the next three hours.

School goes back on Monday. The fires were out tonight, but they’re piled up high with more gorse to burn off again. Will the schoolchildren attending Aotea College be poisoned on Monday? Some of those kids are going to go to high school for their first day ever. Are they going to remember it as a day of appalling smoke? Are they going to be treated as sub-human by these mindless developers?

What kind of policy failure is this? Who in Porirua Council, and who amongst the developers thought of or allowed this madness? Who is a polluting bastard and who is just incompetent?

Let’s hope for the kids sake on Monday or any other day of the week they won’t have to endure this level of physical assault. Let’s hope no one ever has to.

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