Posted by: Matthew | January 22, 2011

Those arrogant toxic polluters

6 months ago I sent an open letter to the New Zealand Home Heating Association asking them some quite civilised questions. They have completely ignored it. What are we to make of that? I can only conclude I nailed every question completely correctly and they were too ashamed and racked with guilt to answer them. I could also conclude that they are a bunch of arrogant bastards who actually like polluting and making profit from it. They should be very, very ashamed of their behaviour. If their behaviour falls completely within the law then the laws are obviously inadequate. If their behaviour fall outside the law then they should be prosecuted. And I’m thinking of everything from any trades practices acts right through to common assault, for what is woodsmoke, but a physical assault?

I have some more questions:

What is the safe level for exposure to woodsmoke?

How much death and disease do the current emissions standards cause?

Is 50 milligrams of sub 10 micrometre particulates per metre cube of air actually tolerable by anyone? I mean what percentage of the people can actually put up with the current emission standards without feeling sick and nauseated? And why do the people who obviously can’t not figure in anyone’s calculations?

Why are woodburners not already banned?

Why are such crap rubbish products as the NZHHA’s members’ woodburners allowed to be inflicted onto suburban New Zealanders where those suburban New Zealanders living next door don’t get a say in their exposure to harmful chemicals?

Why is the government completely missing when it comes to protecting the young, the old, the sick and everybody else from deadly toxic emissions?

Just how many people die in New Zealand due to woodsmoke?

From this article on the MFE website it says:

“Particle pollution from home heating fires is estimated to cause between 350-800 premature deaths each year in New Zealand.”

The NZHHA membership is in part responsible for those deaths, along with the people who sell firewood and those who burn to heat their homes. Take some moral responsibility and voluntarily withdraw your defective products.


  1. some ass hole in Rangiuru Road Otaki keeps lighting fires when it is a hot day which coincides with everyone’s windows open. Dick heads. it smells like they’re burning plastic and wet wood.

    • Brendan,

      I would encourage you to complain to both the KCDC and to the GWRC. If they are burning plastic it is a criminal offence. The GWRC “might” do something about that. The KCDC is pretty damned hopeless on all accounts, but then whoever is burning might think twice, though more than likely, from bitter experience, he’ll be a belligerent asshole and think he has got a right to mess up other peoples’ air.

      Hot day, cold day, windy day, still day, assholes are assholes.

      It’s also good to know I’m not a lone voice. These people are, as you say, assholes and something needs to be done to stop them.

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