Posted by: Matthew | December 23, 2010

Yet another breached fire permit

If the person responsible for the vast amount of smoke that was polluting Te Horo on Thursday morning 16th Dec 2010 approx 8.10am,even had a fire permit, then I bet that even though they were breaching their permit conditions by causing smoke and odour nuisance beyond their property boundaries, and even if a member of the general public complained, then Kapiti Coast Council would have done nothing about it, even if the smoke was completely enveloping someone’s house, rendering their lives miserable and their house unliveable. This should be classified as criminal behaviour not as something that someone, somewhere thinks is acceptable. It isn’t acceptable. It’s massive toxic pollution.

What kind of utter dick would light a burnoff pile before 8am on a cold still morning, where the smoke is going to get caught in an inversion layer and spread out horizontally? Another question is what kind of dick lights a fire at all making their neighbours endure the unwanted smoke? And what kind of morons let them do it?

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