Posted by: Matthew | December 6, 2010

Philip Morris are unwanted murderers

When reading what a particular out of control murdering corporation is wanting to do, subverting New Zealand’s national rights to exist and call the shots in our own country then I’d like to point out that Phillip Morris are a complete bunch of murdering bastards, who put their corporate profits before the wellbeing and lives of not only their customers, but every New Zealander. Philip Morris should not be allowed to trade in New Zealand. Phillip Morris should be held accountable for the deaths that their products cause. Philip Morris shareholders and employees should face custodial sentences for the murder of New Zealanders. Philip Morris’s products should be banned.

It completely blows my mind that their corporate behaviour is tolerated. It is completely evil.

And I can’t see a moral difference between cigarette companies and wood burner manufacturers. Passive smoking in any form is a complete violation of our human rights.

Philip Morris I hate you.


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