Posted by: Matthew | November 6, 2010

Compulsory signs for woodburners

It occurs to me that sometimes people should be reminded that their actions have consequences for other people, and on future generations. So like a warning sign on a cigarette packet, a large sign similar to this one about car exhausts in California should be made compulsory to hang on a wall next to a woodburner.

except it should read “WARNING – WOOD SMOKE CONTAINS CHEMICALS KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER OR BIRTH DEFECTS OR OTHER REPRODUCTIVE HARM”, and it should be about a square foot in size.

Just for the least bright amongst us who don’t know what carcinogenic and mutagenic actually mean, or conveniently forget what they mean when they think “ooh it’s a bit nippy in here, let’s pollute the neighbourhood”.

If you think that’s an imposition on someone’s home, well what is woodsmoke but a huge imposition on someone’s home.


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