Posted by: Matthew | October 28, 2010

This is the only form of protest I have

It seems my blogging upsets some people. The lawyers are circling, but this is the only form of protest I have.

For the sake of being 2 metres on the wrong side of an arbitrary and inadequate rule council officers won’t act and the quality of my life is being ruined. It wouldn’t be a problem if common decency prevailed. I asked nicely at first, but instead of a polite discussion I got recriminations.

So yes I have smoke coming into my house, and a real threat that it is going to happen again. The people doing this to me are not going to stop, even though common decency would suggest that they do. Yes I am going to write about it on my blog, as it is the only form of protest I have. I have not got help from anyone, and I’ve been asking for help, including from people who should be giving me help.

So I beg for the victimisation, the harassment, the noise, the gunfire, the intimidatory acts, the smoke and the threat of more smoke to stop.

I beg for some help in helping those people who are victimising, harassing, intimidating and smoking me out to stop. (This includes the lawyers who are circling. Make me a deal. I’ll remove some posts for some moderation of your clients’ behaviour.)

If my frustration sometimes comes to the surface as a swear word or even a word of abuse I say so be it. If certain people don’t like it and want me to shut up and not write things on my blog instead of getting lawyers I’d suggest they just apply the rules of common decency and moderate their behaviour. When mean things get done to me, I maintain I have the right to complain. So don’t be mean to me.

When I point out that breaches in a burn-off permit are happening and I report them I’d expect some kind of action. It is a real shame that my complaints are falling on deaf ears. When I point out that it is impossible for all the conditions of the burn-off permit to be met because that is the nature of smoke, and it doesn’t stop at property boundaries (or magically at a distance of 40 metres from a fence), it is a shame that the permits are issued in the first place.

I still assert that the burnoffs are happening at a position that is too close to my house. I assert that I will be subjected to smoke nuisance in the future, just like the last two times have proven. The smoke comes into my house. The people burning off now know that they are causing me harm. The further continuance of burning in that spot is harassment. The people doing the harassment now know that I view it as harassment. I would like it to stop. If it doesn’t well it seems this is the only form of protest I have.

Let’s all pretend that burning off isn’t a problem.

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