Posted by: Matthew | October 25, 2010

Currently I have smoke in my house

Presently I have a lounge room full of my neighbour’s burn off smoke.

It seems that the fire is too close to my house, and I have been right all along.

Not that anyone will listen to me, or do their jobs properly. The system at the moment is broken. It does not work. It is not fair. It allows people to pollute to the detriment of others. It is allowing people to externalise the costs of disposing of their rubbish, and instead of paying a small price for themselves, they are making others pay a very large price.

Oh, yes, some of you claim to be NZQA qualified rural burnoff peoples, but in this case all your training is worth didly squat, because you haven’t done your job correctly. I can smell smoke inside my house, with the windows shut. That is a Fail, council officer. I’ve been pointing this out to you for a year now. Will you ever listen?


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