Posted by: Matthew | October 12, 2010

Chimneys the forgotten health risk

From the Melbourne Age, Chimneys the Forgotten Health Risk.

I remember from my short time living in Melbourne I had to walk past someone’s very posh house on Caroline Street, South Yarra to go to work, and it was the only wood heater in the street, and I thought they must have been the most selfish people in the whole of South Yarra.

Note all the pollution-deniers in the comment section. All those commenters denying the very real effects that woodsmoke has on people. All the belittling comments to try to deny their own culpability of causing death and disease. Wood smoke is frickin’ evil. If you force wood smoke onto the community that makes you evil too. The simple thing to do is to stop burning wood rather than trying to do mental gymnastics to try to assuage your guilt. Listen to the victims. Don’t be a victimiser.



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