Posted by: Matthew | October 9, 2010

Rubbish mayoral results in Hawkes Bay

Update: Lawrence Yull, another one of those Hawkes’s Bay mayors who doesn’t give a flying fig about air quality of his residents wins his mayoral race. Another rubbish result. All those people in Hastings, did they know they were voting to continue to poison themselves? This is such a setback for progress and clean air justice.

In the first bit of devastating news from the local election results, Barbara Arnott is returned as the Mayor of Napier. Ms Arnott was one of the Hawkes Bay mayors who wants a 5 year delay in air pollution targets legislation. So Ms Arnott was overwhelmingly re-elected by Napier ratepayers even though statistically some of them are going to die from the extra wood smoke pollution if she gets her way, which with National in control with Nick Smith MP in charge we might see the legislation watered down yet. Remember this legislation is meant to get rid of some (not all, it’s still weak as piss legislation) of the woodsmoke pollution that makes New Zealand cities and towns unliveable, and when it looks like NZ towns and cities, such as Napier, are too polluted and will need to have limits on the amount of wood smoke pollution its residents are dumping into their and their neighbours air, instead of fixing the problem and banning the woodburners, National’s response may well be that they’ll just get rid of that pesky legislation that was passed before they were in office, condemning hundreds of New Zealanders to an early grave.

To the people of Napier you all voted as if you were ignorant of what is going on, mainly because you are all ignorant. Wood smoke kills. Wood smoke is toxic pollution. Wood smoke does not belong in our cities and towns.  Hey Barbara what are you going to do to cleanup the air of Napier? Napier currently doesn’t meet the standard. Get rid of the woodburners, don’t get rid of the standard.


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