Posted by: Matthew | September 13, 2010

Wood fired power stations = bad

Here’s a simple equation:

wood fired = bad

Read “Don’t Send Forests to the Furnace” by the Australian newspaper Green Left Weekly.

In December 2009, the Massachusetts Medical Society, publisher of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, announced a policy opposing wood-fired power station proposals on the grounds that “biomass power plants pose an unacceptable risk to the public’s health by increasing air pollution”.

And let me remind you if you mistakenly believe that burning wood is “carbon neutral” because trees grow back that extra methane is released into the atmosphere, the wood needs transporting to the plant by diesel belching trucks, and if you cut down a 400 year old tree, unless you plant another 400 year old tree in its place, there is 400 years of being in carbon deficit.

Let me also remind you that wood smoke is toxic. It’s mutagenic and carcinogenic. i.e. woodsmoke causes cancer and can cause mutations in the next generations. Woodsmoke should be minimised in the air we breathe to reduce the risk of cancers, especially lung, mouth and throat cancers in the general population.

Hydro (where appropriate), geothermal, wind, photovoltaic, solar concentrators, tidal, microgeneration = good

Coal, diesel, natural gas, and burning biomass = bad



  1. It is like a Breath of Fresh Air that the truth is finally coming out from all around the world. Thank you!

    Breathing is not an option but burning wood is. Stop
    burning wood and save our air.

  2. Humans are tropical animals as one can see from our lack of fur. But we have discovered and perfected warm clothes, in layers so that we can stay warm individually. Even the Arctic peoples survived without wood heat! Hence, wear layers even inside a cooler house, and butt out with all the external heating. Boohoo, all you cavemen types that claim burning rights, are you going to bring back incest and hair dragging also? Get real, join a modern age, and butt out already like any considerate person has.

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