Posted by: Matthew | August 28, 2010

Kapiti Council cuts fluoride, but allows the air to be polluted

In an astounding bit of misguided policy the Kapiti Coast District Council voted to have a clayton’s reduction of fluoride in drinking water as reported in the Dom Post but they still haven’t budged one inch on reducing or preventing toxic pollution in the air in Kapiti.

This isn’t a green council, or an environmentally conscious council. This is a clueless council that doesn’t have the foggiest idea about chemistry, epidemiology or what constitutes good policy.

This is a council being seen to do something, but hasn’t actually done anything to make Kapiti a better place. 5 times this last week there has been burning off near my house that caused me nuisance and reduced my quality of life. It wouldn’t have even been worth complaining to the KCDC, because their track record is to do absolutely bloody nothing about anything that really matters. I have no confidence in the KCDC. Not the elected members and not the Monitoring and Compliance team. We can vote out the elected members in October, but not the paid staff.

So how about it KCDC why can’t we have policies that reduce the amount of air pollution in Kapiti? How come our suburbs can’t be smoke free year round? How come we have no effective laws about burning off throughout the district? How come you can’t make a decision on what actually matters, rather than a non-decision about the fluoride sideshow?

And there’ll be one side in the elections pretending that they are environmentalists, yeah the group opposing the new motorway, and not understanding that part of being an environmentalist is actually sticking up for the environment and that includes air quality. You cannot call yourself green with any credibility if you allow toxic woodsmoke to be breathed in.

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