Posted by: Matthew | August 9, 2010

Whatever happened with the open letter to the NZHHA

Some of my readers may remember that on this website I posted an Open Letter to the NZHHA.

You may be wondering did I ever get a reply.

Well apart from semi-educated replies in the comments section I didn’t actually get a reply. They couldn’t extend me the courtesy. And all of my questions were legitimate questions that do demand an answer. The NZ public has a right to know they are getting screwed over big time when it comes to the air they breathe.

So why are they too cowardly, yellow-striped, ne’er do wells who are too frightened to answer some simple questions? Well I think they know that their products are dire, and really have no place in any civilised society, but the dollars are rolling in, and their moral compass is out of wack, and they behave pretty much like tobacco companies, not giving a damn about who their products hurt. So when asked questions that demand they tell the truth, they just shut up and put their heads in the sand.

And remember 80% of their members products weren’t compliant, when retested with the already weak air quality standards, that the government pretends is enough to protect the community.

Here are those questions again:

On the front page on your webpage your number 1 stated objective is “Encourage our members to supply products and services of the highest quality.” But your products emit poisonous toxins in amounts that can render whole towns and suburbs, like the Kapiti Coast, unlivable. Is that your definition of “highest quality”?

What steps are the NZHHA taking to fix the very obvious design flaw in your member’s woodburners? As it it impossible to have a wood burning stove not emit toxic wood smoke are your members recalling their products from sale effective immediately?

Will there be a recall of woodburners, with full refunds being made to everyone who mistakenly bought one?

Will you compensate the communities that have been affected by wood smoke?

Will you compensate asthmatics for the costs of doctors visits and asthma puffers?

Will you compensate people for the removal of their liberty, as such as myself, when I am not free to carry on my lawful activities because of the pollution?

Will you compensate people for the electricity used because they have to use an electric clothes dryer rather than the outside air?

Will you apologise for all the harm you’ve caused?

Will you assist local councils by recommending that your members products are banned from use or installation?

Wood smoke is toxic. Wood smoke is poisonous. It causes misery. Why does the NZHHA think it is ok that your members profits come before the health of the community?  How are you going to right the wrongs?

I am still looking forward to an honest answer.

We do demand apologies, product recalls and compensation. We have the right to demand clean air. You NZHHA do not have the right to pollute it.

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