Posted by: Matthew | August 2, 2010

Most woodburners on the market in NZ don’t comply with air quality standards

Did you know that most woodburners on the market in NZ don’t comply with air quality standards?

Read this report from the Ministry of the Environment.

Only 2 out of 10 passed testing. That is a huge failure rate. Why are these woodburners still on the market? Why are any woodburners still on the market at all?

And the Air Quality Standards are too bloody weak in the first place. Is it any wonder people living in New Zealand towns and suburbs are suffering from chronic woodsmoke pollution?

Shame, NZHHA and it’s members, Shame.



  1. […] remember 80% of their members products weren’t compliant, when retested with the already weak air quality standards, that the government pretends is enough […]

  2. I’d really like to read the report, but the link doesn’t work, can you fix?

    • All fixed. The link should work now.

  3. […] that his burning may have contributed to what even he admits is a real smog problem. No idea that 80% of woodburners on the NZ market when tested after market  don’t actually meet the emissio…. No idea that those emission standards are weak. He is ignorant of the inversion layers that form […]

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