Posted by: Matthew | August 2, 2010

All Canterbury towns exceed pollution standards

Have a look at Environment Canterbury’s page on High Pollution Nights.

None of the monitored towns have come in under the one exceedance a year of 50 micrograms of sub 10 micron particulate pollution per cubic metre. And these are just the pollution nights this winter so far!! 44 nights in Timaru and up to 5 times the allowable limit of the already lax standards.

And Canterbury already has the toughest rules about woodburners in New Zealand, and yet they aren’t enough to stop excessive pollution. Could it be that complete prohibition is what is really needed? Hey Greater Wellington Regional Council, are you  listening?

Is anyone listening? The proof is in the data. It is flamin’ obvious. What we need is a prohibition on wood burners. Hey Nick Smith, are you asleep at the wheel? Or are these numbers acceptable?

Location Pollution Level Yesterday No. of High Pollution Nights Highest Pollution Level 2nd Highest Pollution Level
Rangiora 7 10 91 84
Kaiapoi 8 23 98 95
Christchurch – St Albans* 8 12 90 72
Christchurch – Burnside** -1 6 62 59
Christchurch – Woolston 19 13 100 92
Ashburton 9 10 79 77
Timaru – Anzac Park* 33 44 148 124
Timaru – Washdyke 18 4 56 55
Waimate 22 8 97 69
Geraldine 8 3 58 57


  1. […] two facts aren’t unrelated by any chance? Despite supposedly being lower emitting woodburners they still have problems in Christchurch and all Canterbury towns. So completely ignorant of the fact that so-called “clean” wood burners are […]

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