Posted by: Matthew | July 30, 2010

Product Review – Masport Grandport Series 3 woodburner

This is the first of many product reviews on Kapiti Clean Air. This one is for the Masport Heating Grandport Series 3 woodburner.

Firstly it’s really expensive to buy and to get installed. It costs a lot to run too. But even then the real costs will be paid by your neighbours. Like all woodburners the Masport Grandport Series 3 woodburner has a fatal flaw which should see it withdrawn from the marketplace. It emits pollution into the neighborhood around houses where it is installed. It pollutes at 0.65 micrograms of sub 10 micron particulate pollution per kg of dry wood fuel. This is one of the lowest on the market (for a woodburner, but other forms of heating don’t have this flaw), but it is still way too much. You won’t be able to achieve that at all, because if you were stupid enough to think that you should install a woodburner in the first place, then you will certainly be too stupid to achieve those best condition pollution figures.

Still emits noxious poisonous pollution if used as directed by the manufacturer.

The users manual forgets to mention that the product shouldn’t be used around any neighbour that hasn’t been asked if they want their air polluted. Nor does it list the poisons that the product will emit.

If you waste your money on one of these, then your neighbours will be within their rights to complain to you, or to any local authority, and they will be in the right. You could have to face a lengthy court battle just to use it. It’s better to not install one in the first place, and install a more ethical form of heating. It is actually immoral to use a Masport Grandview Series 3 woodburner.

Please don’t install one of these, or any other woodburners in your house. They are not fit for purpose. They do not belong in our towns, suburbs or in closely settled rural zones.

Zero out of a possible 5 stars.


  1. What a load of crap. Your talking out of your arse.

    • The correct spelling is “you’re”.

      Steve, You’ve got to realise that not everyone likes woodsmoke, and people who don’t like woodsmoke are well within their rights to point this out to you. If you are too stupid and too selfish to deal with the reality that other people think that woodburners are rubbish technology and should be banned then you need to grow up. Stop polluting and please be kind to those around you. In the meantime take the time to learn why I am right and you are wrong.

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