Posted by: Matthew | July 28, 2010

Banning smoke is popular when people are actually asked

One of my bugbears with wood smoke is that no one has ever asked me if it is OK with me if my air can be polluted. It would be really nice to actually be asked. Of course the answer would be a polite “no, it’s not okay”, and then my views would be respected and we’d all have clean air instead of the current filth.

So isn’t it refreshing for the Brisbane City Council to actually ask people about banning smoking on the Queen Street Mall? I know Wellington City had an on-line petition that asked the same thing for Lambton Quay, which also got a lot of support, but has so far been ignored by council and the Golden Mile still stinks of tobacco smoke.

And when asked what do the people in Brisbane want – overwhelmingly they want to go smoke free. Like 90 to 10.

I hope they get what they have asked for. It’s also really nice that they were asked.

When it comes to woodsmoke we just get it rammed down our throats, and up our nostrils with no consultation whatsoever. It’s just so *&#@*&* rude.


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