Posted by: Matthew | July 26, 2010

AHHA tactics

The Australian Air Quality Group has a page on the tactics used by the Australian Home Heating Association.

I’ve always thought the AHHA was an organisation prepared to do just about anything to prevent proper air quality measures being adopted. I think they promote disinformation to stall the hopefully inevitable banning of the products of their members. They propagate myths such as that there is a “clean” wood-fire even though woodfires still emit toxic smoke. They stonewall efforts to clean up air quality standards. The Australian standards for emissions by woodburners is worse than the New Zealand standard (4 grams instead of 1.5 grams of sub 10 micron particulate pollution per kg of dry fuel), and the New Zealand standards don’t actually provide a guarantee of clean air. In reality the NZ standards fail spectacularly and people have to move away from the worst affected towns and suburbs.

Woodburning stoves are complete rubbish technology that pollute our towns and suburbs making them unlivable for some people. The AHHA knows (or should know) how bad their products are, but they also know how ignorant the general population is, and how disinterested the politicians are.  They use cynical public relations (i.e. propaganda) missives and disinformation on their website to perpetuate the myth that there is a place in Australian and New Zealand for their rubbish products.

I’m off to read the Trade Practices Acts of Australia and New Zealand. Maybe there are some provisions for keeping the bastards honest in there. Any lawyers out there able to help?


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