Posted by: Matthew | July 15, 2010

Raumati Station site suffers from heavy pollution

As a one time resident of Raumati South (I had to move away because of the woodsmoke pollution) I appreciate the work of the Raumati Station Now people, and applaud Nigel Wilson, the Kapiti representative on the otherwise awful GWRC for writing about the need for a Raumati Station in this week’s Kapiti News.

It makes a lot of sense to put in a new station near the end of Poplar Avenue, especially if it has a decent set of bikeways connecting the rest of Raumati to it. It’s a bit of a bummer to drive to Paraparaumu Station with the congestion on the SH1 and the congestion around the Kapiti Road/SH1 intersection.

I figure the station would have to be between Poplar Ave and Leinster Ave, but everyday morning and evening this week I note that the air quality about the SH1 is absolutely disgusting. It’s windows up and vents shut and it still is enough to make my eyes water and for me to go for my asthma medication. I wouldn’t dream of riding my bicycle through the filth.

I don’t figure I could stand on a platform waiting for a train in that kind of wood smoke filth, and I don’t figure many other people are going to either. The estimated numbers of people using the new station are going to fall way short, and no one in authority is going to understand why or even ask the question why.

It isn’t the State Highway traffic causing the stink. It is wood being burnt in people’s homes on the SH1 and especially on Leinster Avenue.

Yes the new station should be built, but the houses around the station area are going to need to be changed to clean forms of heating. They need not be asked to not burn wood, they should be told not to burn wood.


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