Posted by: Matthew | June 29, 2010

Woodburners are not fit for purpose.

If you were to list the three most important requirements of something to provide domestic heating they would be:

1. Warms your house.

2. Doesn’t cost too much to run.

3. Doesn’t cause pollution.

So let’s then rank them in importance, not from the perspective of a selfish householder who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but themselves, but from a community perspective.

You’d get them ranked in order like this:

1. Doesn’t cause pollution.

Equal 2nd. The other two.

So now lets see how a common home heating device stacks up:


Do they cause pollution? Well yes, in copious amounts of highly toxic, poisonous emissions right where people live.

It’s an absolute fail on that count, so we don’t even have to look at any other criteria.

See it really is as simple as that. Woodburners or woodheaters or whatever you want to call them are completely unsuited as a device to heat your home. They are a rubbish technology. They are complete and utter failures of products. They do not belong in our towns or suburbs or even in rural areas if someone lives close to it. Their use should be banned.

Anyone arguing otherwise is an idiot.


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