Posted by: Matthew | June 11, 2010

Complete betrayal by Environment Minister Nick Smith and the Hawkes Bay Mayors

From the Dom Post – This is absolute messed in the head policy

Are we too poor to have good public policy? Do we really allow a free for all burn it off and bugger the consequences policy?

This is a dreadful, dreadful policy decision by a National Party minister. Who were the idiots who voted this bunch of idiots in? New Zealanders, you’re idiots.

A complete and utter betrayal by an idiot of a man.

We need strengthening of the standards. We don’t need to allow more exceedences of the already weak standards. We need to tighten up the standards. We don’t need 50 micrograms of PM10 in a 24 hour period, which can hide peaks of 160 to 170 micrograms readings and 1 exceedence a year. We need something like a measured 10 minute peak of 20 micrograms, and 24 hour readings of 10 micrograms per cubic metre of air.

And if woodheaters can’t burn clean enough for that, then yes they should be banned.

Come October in Hastings get rid of Mayor Yule, and in Napier Mayor Arnott. Come the next election get rid of Nick Smith and all his National Party colleagues. A decision like this shows they’re clueless when it comes to people’s health.

Woodburner technology isn’t improving quick enough to save them from a ban. The 1.5 grams of smoke per kg of dry wood standard isn’t anywhere clean enough. The 0.7 gram per kg standard as being trialled in Alexandra isn’t clean enough. The wood burrning pollution industry knows this so it has had to get the already lax standards made even laxer. The foul air will mean more New Zealanders will suffer and die. Whose responsible for those preventable deaths? Is it Nick Smith? Is it the Mayor of Hastings? Is it the NZHAA?

Shame, New Zealand, Shame.



  1. Dude!

    I just clicked through to the NZHHA from a link on your site, to find an article entitled “Wood Heaters Hold the Key to Improved Air Quality”.


    • Well Mr Norfolk Man, the NZHHA isn’t known for it’s honesty.

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