Posted by: Matthew | May 26, 2010

It really is just so moronic

Someone asked me why I find it just so hard to accept the status quo when it comes to wood smoke pollution.

Well here is my answer:

It is so hard to accept the status quo where people deliberately pollute with known toxic substances, in large amounts, completely unnecessarily, when the known negative consequences are scientifically proven,  and there are other cleaner, better technologies,  just astounds me for just how incredibly dumb it is.

That governments, local and national, are just so ineffective and separated from the reality that wood smoke is hazardous, and that they consistently ignore people who constantly point out the obvious, just beggars belief.

That not getting rid of wood smoke from our environment, when things that are as toxic, such as cigarette smoke, lead in petrol, and asbestos, have been legislated against, but on wood smoke there is just deathly silence, makes me scratch my head.

That people are just so ignorant of the facts, blows my mind away. Didn’t anyone listen in high school chem class?

That people will continue to burn off even when told that it causes offence and nuisance, just breaks my heart, that people could be so selfish.

The fact that we don’t have legislative protection against this harm being caused to us, just makes me think what the heck laws and society is actually for.

So it is really hard to accept the wood smoke pollution status quo because it is just so unbelievably and  stupidly moronic.

And does that mean that I think if you burn off  or you use a wood burner in your home when you have neighbours living near your home, then you are stupid and moronic? You bet your stinky damaged lungs it bloody well does. People will be harmed because of your dumb decisions. Collectively more people will die early because of all your dumb decisions. Why aren’t you held accountable for the suffering and death that you cause? Why aren’t we protected from the likes of you? Why the hell are products so unfit for purpose as woodburners being allowed to be sold, installed and used in the very places that we want to live in a healthy environment? It is just so unbelievably, unforgivably stupid.


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