Posted by: Matthew | May 19, 2010

I want to hear your stories about the effects of woodsmoke on you

It seems that council workers will begrudgingly admit that we as citizens have the right to complain, but they will never actually do anything to fix the problems of wood smoke from burning off or from wood burners. They’ll tell us that people have a right to burn off, and tell us we have no right to expect clean air. Every year people complain, and write letters to the editor, and nothing ever changes.

I know that there are a lot of unhappy people in Raumati because of the levels of smoke that there is on still nights and on still mornings. Imagine sending your kids to walk or ride to school in that muck. I talked to some of my old Raumati neighbours, and there’s the letters to the editor. The GWRC even is putting in a smoke monitor for Raumati – and that level of action is almost unheard of amongst the sloth-like slug-paced tortoisy GWRC.

But there’d be a lot of people not wanting to make a fuss, or they’ve complained before to the KCDC, and know it’s almost pointless. And what’s the point of complaining if no one listens, right?

Well I want to hear your stories. I want to hear your stories if you live in Raumati, or in Paraparaumu, or Waikanae, or Otaki or Paekakariki, or anywhere else in Kapiti, or anywhere else in New Zealand. I want to hear if you have sold up or moved away because of wood smoke. I want to know if your health is suffering. Have you a relative who’s died possibly because of woodsmoke? I want to know if you’ve given up sport, or other interests? Do you stop walking and cycling in winter because of the cold or the smoke? How’s your asthma? Or maybe you just find smoke annoying. Maybe you would rather live smoke free. Imagine living in a smoke free Kapiti. Would it be bliss? What do you think? I want to know and I’ll listen.

Let me know what details are public and what are private, and request anonymity if you like. I’m going to collate information and pass it on to the councils as a report and the information will be presented here.

We’re going to be listened to for once.



  1. Very bad smoke pollution in my street. It is driving me and my family nuts, Good luck with the talking sense.

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