Posted by: Matthew | May 18, 2010

Fluoride people are getting heard, but why aren’t the woodsmoke people?

I wrote Kapiti fluoride campaigners choose wrong target a while back.

I think it is kind of good that the fluoride people are getting some traction, but really it is an old debate had many times in many places, and the public good is not served by rehashing it one more time. I am on their side in getting heard, if not quite with what they say, but it’s an interesting thing that Chris says in the comment section of this opinion piece in the Dom Post,

“If people want to drink it, fine by me but mass medicating the drinking water is not acceptable because people who want to opt out, cannot.”

Now how do I opt out of my neighbour’s woodsmoke?

It would be a real shame if the October local elections in Kapiti are fought on the personalities of the candidates, the Sandhills Expressway or completely irrelevant fluoridation. I want it fought on bringing in a policy of getting rid of woodsmoke. Any advice out there on how to get some traction with the local media, etc?

And an interesting titbit from a science podcast – when Thai police find a dead Australian tourist they check the teeth. If they have bad decay then they know they’ll be dealing with the Queensland Police to notify the dead person’s family, the only unfluoridated state in the Commonwealth.

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