Posted by: Matthew | May 14, 2010

Residents demand right of veto over neighbour’s woodburners

Exposure to woodsmoke can be crippling. It can be a nuisance and it is full of carcinogenic chemicals.

When someone uses a woodburner within sniffing distance, or someone installs a woodburner next door, it can directly affect your:

  • air quality
  • health
  • lifestyle
  • mental health

Therefore since the smoke-affected are directly affected, and sometimes greatly and detrimentally affected, it is only fair that they have a say in their neighbour’s decision. Full veto rights over woodburners use and installation is needed. That is the only fair policy, other than a complete ban.

And if you don’t want your neighbours to have a say in how you heat your house don’t get a woodburner. You’re only setting yourself up to be sued for using it, being responsible for the misery it causes and face having a ban on its use, with the resultant hassle and loss of money. Get a heatpump instead. They’re cheaper to run and very, very, very much cleaner.


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