Posted by: Matthew | May 13, 2010

It’s important to hear the voices of those who live next door to woodburners

It’s important to hear the voices of those who live next door to woodburners. Often these people don’t like to complain, or if they have complained they have been ignored. But these people are dealing with the consequences of someone else’s decision to install or use a woodburner. These people should be ignored no longer. What they think should count. What they think should not be ignored. They should get a say in their neighbour’s behaviour, because they’re the ones who are at the moment copping it, no questions asked.

And when listened to it results in a ban of woodburners, well good, it’s for the best.

At the moment the current non-working system just makes them voiceless victims. It is a huge injustice played out on a national scale. Something definitely needs to change.



  1. A solution to smokey neighbours is to educate them on these two very important points.

    1 Correct operation of a woodburner.
    2 On what type of fuel to purchase, time periods to dry unseasoned fuel, storage of fuel etc.

    A wood burner operating at correct tempatures, with good fuel, should not have visible smoke coming out of flue, (except in ignition when the unit is heating up)

    If there is smoke, check operation, fuel, and then start to look at the installation – flue heights or different cowl designs, Also more than likely they will have a non clean air compliant logfire – (installed pre 2005)

    But seriously this little bit of wood smoke that Matthew’s claiming is going to kill babies in Raumati, is nothing – i repeat – nothing compared to the health implications that some babies are subject to from Parents that smoke cigaretts in the same home.

    Matthew do you propose to remove all babies from these family settings and dump them into foster care??? Or do you think that it is an educational thing where over time and with help parents will stop this habit??? Likewise with logfires, Education on correct use, and the phase out period of the old smokey ‘overnite smouldering’ fires to the Clean Air Compliant models.

    If i am in your area, i can call on your neighbour for you, if you like…..

    • Thanks for the standard industry propaganda Jeremy, but…

      Actually I think it is a lie that post 2005 woodheaters are actually clean. I simply don’t believe you. And here is why:

      1. Wood smoke is toxic in any amount.
      2. Standard’s compliance still means there is a lot of smoke. It is a very lax standard. The industry including the AHHA helped devised the standard and pigheadedly made the standard weak. They’ll fight for a right of veto on any improvement then use that veto. All this is against the interests of the community and all about their profits.
      3. Some supposedly compliant woodstoves sold in Australia and presumably New Zealand are modified from what was tested. One model, when post installation tested was 17 times more polluting than the standard. Models that meet the standard don’t burn very hot, so manufacturers submit one, and then change the size of the air holes in the retail models, making a mockery of the standard.
      4. Mug punters seem incapable of following your recommended instructions hence they are polluting way more than the theoretical minimum.
      5. The standard is only for after the fire is lit. While it is starting up it is hugely polluting.
      6. People can’t be trusted. They will burn plastic, creosote wood, painted wood, rubbish whatever. Hence the measured arsenic in the air of Wainuiomata last year.
      7. There are so many woodburners in a place like Raumati, and the local geography on a still night mean that any number of woodheaters is too many. The smoke goes nowhere, except into people’s lungs.
      8. Woodheaters just aren’t safe. Your industry has never proved they are. No one is studying the real effects of woodsmoke on our suburbs, with full modelling of wind and crap woodheaters compliant or not, etc.

      As for your offer to help read
      Th AHHA and the NZHHA are in cahoots. I wouldn’t advise anyone to take help from the industry organisations. You’ll only tell them propaganda like what you say here. You’re not interested in doing the right thing, which is getting woodsmoke out of environment. The NZHHA would have a huge conflict of interest in dealing with my particular problems with my neighbours woodsmoke.

      Smoking with children in a house is a form of child abuse. It is morally wrong, and so too is using a woodburner.


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