Posted by: Matthew | May 12, 2010

So we can rest easy, can we NZHHA?

This is what the NZHHA says on this post of theirs:

“And what about pollution? The environmental impact of wood heating is sometimes questioned. But you can rest easy. All appliances now sold here and in Australia conform to an international standard which not only sets maximum permissable emissions levels but also minimum efficiency standards. The emission levels are so low, that the environmental impact is insignificant. Further, burning wood is no more detrimental to the environment than leaving it to rot on the forest floor, as the carbon dioxide levels are the same for both processes.”

Well how come the air was so thick with particulate pollution last night in Raumati that it was seriously injurious to your health to even drive through it with the windows up and the vents shut. You could see the smoke in the air in your headlights, and it was like a thick smog.

Wood smoke is poisonous and toxic. Click on this pdf to see the constituents of woodsmoke to see what is in it.

It is pretty clear that woodheaters that comply with the AS/NZS 4013(1999) standard, when there are too many of them, when there is a night with no wind, or when one of them is right next door to your house are not at all clean and they lead to utter misery. Their use should be prohibited.

I can’t rest easy until the ignorance of the public in general and legislators in particular has come to an end. I can’t rest easy til woodburners are banned. The NZHHA is completely wrong. The environmental impact of woodburners is not insignifcant, it is collosally detrimental.

Can you rest easy? Can you trust the NZHHA? Do you believe anything they say?

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