Posted by: Matthew | May 12, 2010

Search terms

Here’s what people have been using in search engines to find this website. Makes for interesting reading, doesn’t it?

ahha bastards
kapiti smoke free
burning wood plastic smell
what to do when someone burns plastic
i cant put clothes out to dry because my
kapiti clean air
clean air kapiti
kapiti clean air society
society pollution free
firewood banned for home heating
it would be best for society to ban all
benefits of having a clean environment
bruce mogg
air pollution by burning plastic
letter asking neighbour to stop wood bur
nz clean air law wood burning
no woodsmoke please “it was ignored”
stop people burning toxic wood
woodsmoke air is precious
law and woodsmoke harassment
should burning firewood be banned
how to not get rid of pollution
smell of burning plastic
my next door neighbour is burning a coalburning
plastic smoke
are bushfires large point sources of woodsmoke
kcdc wood burner
my neihbour burning smell on their fire
wellington woodburners
neighbour burn rubbish
wellington clean air zone
neighbourly notification program
plastic smell wood burner
woodburners noise
what to do plastic burn
have you ever smell burning plastic
right to clean air, incense
what parts of new zealand do not have clean air
smoke from woodburners and wind direction

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