Posted by: Matthew | May 11, 2010

Open letter to the New Zealand Home Heating Association

This is an open letter to the New Zealand Home Heating Association.

To the NZHHA,

Tonight I sit secreted away in my house, windows shut, hiding from the smoke that is polluting the outside air. I’d like to be working on my bicycle, but the air outside is too polluted.

I’ve noticed that the air all through the district tonight is completely fouled. The direct cause of this pollution is coming from your members products. Yet on the front page on your webpage your number 1 stated objective is “Encourage our members to supply products and services of the highest quality.” But your products emit poisonous toxins in amounts that can render whole towns and suburbs, like the Kapiti Coast tonight, unlivable. Is that your definition of “highest quality”?

What steps are the NZHHA taking to fix the very obvious design flaw in your member’s woodburners? As it it impossible to have a wood burning stove not emit toxic wood smoke are your members recalling their products from sale effective immediately?

Will there be a recall of woodburners, with full refunds being made to everyone who mistakenly bought one?

Will you compensate the communities that have been affected by wood smoke?

Will you compensate asthmatics for the costs of doctors visits and asthma puffers?

Will you compensate people for the removal of their liberty, as such as myself on nights like tonight, when I am not free to carry on my lawful activities because of the pollution?

Will you compensate people for the electricity used because they have to use an electric clothes dryer rather than the outside air?

Will you apologise for all the harm you’ve caused?

Will you assist local councils by recommending that your members products are banned from use or installation?

Wood smoke is toxic. Wood smoke is poisonous. It causes misery. Why does the NZHHA think it is ok that your members profits come before the health of the community?  How are you going to right the wrongs?

I think the NZHHA owes all New Zealanders an apology. Your members have got to be honest with themselves. Their products are not fit for purpose. The purpose they should be fitting is warming a house without polluting the suburb. If their products can do only the first, and not the second then they are not fit for purpose. I think you’ll agree that your members’ products should be phased out, banned and their use eventually criminalised to the extent where the punishment for their use matches the harm that they do to the community.

I look forward to your honest response.




  1. phew….you have some issues with mankind ….it appears that from the dawning of time we have made a serious mistake in using wood as a heat/energy source…..i really seriously suggest you get a 100 hectare block of land in the middle of nowhere and build a super insulated house right in the centre and as you suggest heat it with your computer…sounds like a great option I might join you
    regards David

    • Yes David, heating with wood is a very old technology. It is however outdated. There are cleaner and better technologies, that don’t have pollution problems, with all of the injustice that the pollution causes.

      So far I have got three not very well considered answers in response, and nothing from the NZHHA itself, but my questions are legitimate questions, that do deserve answers. Wood smoke is toxic. We should minimise the amount of toxins in our environment. It is a health, environmental and social justice issue. Education is essential to get rid of the ignorance within society and out local and regional councils, but it seems some people are a bit slow on the uptake, so in the interim we need a legislative response to protect us from smoke pollution’s harmful effects.

      Woodburners are a dirty,polluting, outmoded and unnecessary technology. It is long past time to get rid of them.

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